All about myself

All about myself

Hi! First of all I’m Vanessa Mae A. Bagayas. Im just a simple girl who live in Brgy. Baan,Riverside Butuan City. I am a Senior High student in Agusan National High School. February 14, 1999 is my birthdate and by now I’m on my 17th years on this planet. My mother is a private employee, her name is Lory Jean A. Bagayas my lovely mother and my father name is Elmer M. Bagayas and he is already dead since I’m 11 years old and it’s sad but this is life we should accept  it and we normally go in this state. But even he is dead we always remember him and  we will never forget all the memories that he been with us when he was still alive. I have five brothers and one sister  they are all adorable and cute but somewhat naughty and still I love them. I always love my family even though we face a lot of trials, but still we stay strong together. I love to read books and stories in wattpad it give me a lot to learn and inspired me I also love to write stories and to share stories to everyone. I like to play badminton together with my cousin they are fun to play with. I just remember when I fail sometimes I just feel annoyed and as I remember about it all I can do is laugh with myself because funny moment I’d encounter. I really love myself and the people around me who always give me strength and courage to face life.


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